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Possible slugs

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agilerheinmain Logo of Agile Rhein-Main
Agile Rhein-Main
(agile, scrum, kanban)
agilerstammtischffm Logo of Agiler Stammtisch Frankfurt
Agiler Stammtisch Frankfurt
(agile, scrum, kanban)
appletalk Logo of Apple-Talk Frankfurt
Apple-Talk Frankfurt
(apple, computer)
aris Logo of ARIS User Group Deutschland
ARIS User Group Deutschland
aug Logo of Atlassian User Group Rhein-Main
Atlassian User Group Rhein-Main
auge Logo of Computer-Stammtisch der RG 600 - Frankfurt/Rhein-Main
Computer-Stammtisch der RG 600 - Frankfurt/Rhein-Main
(apple, computer)
bcrm Logo of BarCamp RheinMain
BarCamp RheinMain
bitcoinffm Logo of Bitcoin Frankfurt
Bitcoin Frankfurt
cassandra Logo of Cassandra Frankfurt
Cassandra Frankfurt
(cassandra, nosql, big data)
cccda Logo of Chaos Darmstadt
Chaos Darmstadt
(computer, ccc)
cccffm Logo of Chaos Computer Club Frankfurt e.V.
Chaos Computer Club Frankfurt e.V.
(chaos-computer-club, hackerspace, technik-kultur-gesellschaft)
cccmzwi Logo of Chaos Computer Club Mainz / Wiesbaden
Chaos Computer Club Mainz / Wiesbaden
(ccc, hackerspace)
ceph Logo of Ceph Frankfurt
Ceph Frankfurt
(ceph, distributed storage, cloud)
cocoaheads Logo of CocoaHeads Frankfurt
CocoaHeads Frankfurt
codingnight Logo of Coding Night
Coding Night
dalug Logo of Linux User Group Darmstadt
Linux User Group Darmstadt
devops Logo of DevOps Frankfurt
DevOps Frankfurt
djangoda Logo of Django Users Darmstadt
Django Users Darmstadt
(django, python)
dmwFFM Logo of Digital Media Women Frankfurt
Digital Media Women Frankfurt
(media, women, digital)
dnugffm Logo of .NET User Group Frankfurt/Main
.NET User Group Frankfurt/Main
(.net, c#, microsoft)
docker Logo of Docker Frankfurt
Docker Frankfurt
(docker, devops, cloud computing)
donnerstalk Logo of Donnerstalk im Heimathafen Wiesbaden
Donnerstalk im Heimathafen Wiesbaden
(talk, idea, beer)
dotnetdevsffm Logo of .NET Developers Group Frankfurt
.NET Developers Group Frankfurt
drupal Logo of Drupal User Group Rhein-Main
Drupal User Group Rhein-Main
(drupal, php)
elasticsearch Logo of ElasticSearch User Group Frankfurt
ElasticSearch User Group Frankfurt
(elasticsearch, lucene, solr)
extjs Logo of ExtJS User Group Frankfurt
ExtJS User Group Frankfurt
(extjs, javascript)
f05 Logo of Funkamateure DARC Ortsverband Frankfurt
Funkamateure DARC Ortsverband Frankfurt
ffda Logo of Freifunk Darmstadt
Freifunk Darmstadt
(freifunk, darmstadt, wlan)
ffmcloud Logo of Cloud Frankfurt
Cloud Frankfurt
ffmz Logo of Freifunk Mainz
Freifunk Mainz
(freifunk, mainz, wlan)
ffwi Logo of Freifunk Wiesbaden
Freifunk Wiesbaden
(freifunk, wiesbaden, wlan)
flashtreffen Logo of Flashtreffen Frankfurt
Flashtreffen Frankfurt
(flash, actionscript)
fprost Logo of Projekt-Stammtisch Frankfurt
Projekt-Stammtisch Frankfurt
fraosug Logo of OpenSolaris User Group Frankfurt Area
OpenSolaris User Group Frankfurt Area
freiberufler-frankfurt Logo of Frankfurter Freiberufler-Stammtisch
Frankfurter Freiberufler-Stammtisch
(business, freiberufler, xing)
frontend Logo of Frontend RheinMain
Frontend RheinMain
(frontend, webstandards, webdesign)
fsfe Logo of Free Software Foundation Europe Fellowship Rhein-Main
Free Software Foundation Europe Fellowship Rhein-Main
(free software, free society, open source)
ftug Logo of TYPO3 User Group Frankfurt
TYPO3 User Group Frankfurt
fuxcon Logo of Grosses Treffen aller Frankfurter Usergroups & Friends
Grosses Treffen aller Frankfurter Usergroups & Friends
gdgrm Logo of Google Developer Group Rhein-Main
Google Developer Group Rhein-Main
(google technologien)
girheinmain Logo of GI Rhein-Main
GI Rhein-Main
(informatik, acm)
go Logo of Frankfurt Gophers
Frankfurt Gophers
(go, functional programming, opensource)
graphdbffm Logo of Graph DB Frankfurt
Graph DB Frankfurt
(graphdb, neo4j)
hackffm Logo of Hackerspace FFM
Hackerspace FFM
(hardware, hackerspace)
haskell Logo of Haskell User Group Frankfurt
Haskell User Group Frankfurt
(haskell, funktionales programmieren)
hs Logo of Hosting-Stammtisch
(hosting, seo, online-marketing)
hugrheinmain Logo of Hadoop User Group Rhein-Main
Hadoop User Group Rhein-Main
(hadoop, big data)
hulug Logo of Linux User Group Hanau
Linux User Group Hanau
idugrm Logo of InDesign User Group Rhein/Main
InDesign User Group Rhein/Main
igd Logo of Independent Game Developers Rhein-Main
Independent Game Developers Rhein-Main
(game development, programming, indie games)
itsda Logo of IT-Stammtisch Darmstadt
IT-Stammtisch Darmstadt
(it, edv, computer)
joomla Logo of Joomla! Forum Frankfurt/Rhein-Main
Joomla! Forum Frankfurt/Rhein-Main
(joomla, php)
jugda Logo of Java User Group Darmstadt
Java User Group Darmstadt
(java, javascript, spring)
jugf Logo of Java User Group Frankfurt
Java User Group Frankfurt
(java, groovy, spring)
leanstartupcircle Logo of Lean Startup Circle Rhein-Main
Lean Startup Circle Rhein-Main
(lean startup)
lugbn Logo of Linux User Group Bad Nauheim
Linux User Group Bad Nauheim
lugffm Logo of Linux User Group Frankfurt
Linux User Group Frankfurt
lwsrm Logo of Limited WIP Society Rhein-Main
Limited WIP Society Rhein-Main
magerm Logo of Magento Stammtisch Rhein-Main
Magento Stammtisch Rhein-Main
(magento, php)
management30 Logo of Management 3.0 Stammtisch
Management 3.0 Stammtisch
(management3.0, agile)
mobiledevffm Logo of Mobile Developer Group Ffm
Mobile Developer Group Ffm
mongodbfrm Logo of MongoDB User Group Frankfurt Rhein-Main
MongoDB User Group Frankfurt Rhein-Main
nodeandcode Logo of NODE+CODE (Processing Frankfurt)
NODE+CODE (Processing Frankfurt)
(vvvv, processing)
nodejsda Logo of Darmstadt node.js
Darmstadt node.js
(nodejs, javascript)
nosqlffm Logo of NoSQL Group Frankfurt
NoSQL Group Frankfurt
openstack Logo of OpenStack MeetUp Frankfurt
OpenStack MeetUp Frankfurt
(openstack, cloud, virtualization)
opentechschool Logo of OpenTechSchool RheinMain
OpenTechSchool RheinMain
(technology, programming)
opentext Logo of Open Text Web Solutions Usergroup
Open Text Web Solutions Usergroup
(reddot, opentext)
oracle Logo of ORACLE-Anwendergruppe e.V. Deutschland
ORACLE-Anwendergruppe e.V. Deutschland
osf Logo of Online-Stammtisch Frankfurt
Online-Stammtisch Frankfurt
(online-marketing, seo)
osm Logo of OSM-Stammtisch Frankfurter
OSM-Stammtisch Frankfurter
phpugffm Logo of PHP Usergroup Frankfurt am Main
PHP Usergroup Frankfurt am Main
phpugrhh Logo of PHP UG Rheinhessen
PHP UG Rheinhessen
pm Logo of Perl Mongers Frankfurt
Perl Mongers Frankfurt
pug Logo of Penguin User Group
Penguin User Group
pugffm Logo of palmusergroup frankfurt
palmusergroup frankfurt
(palm, mobile, smartphone)
pystada Logo of Python Stammtisch Darmstadt
Python Stammtisch Darmstadt
pyugrm Logo of Python UserGroup RheinMain
Python UserGroup RheinMain
(python, ruby)
r Logo of R Users Group Wiesbaden
R Users Group Wiesbaden
rheinmainjs Logo of JavaScript User Group für Wiesbaden und Rhein-Main
JavaScript User Group für Wiesbaden und Rhein-Main
rugrm Logo of Ruby on Rails Usergroup Rhein-Main
Ruby on Rails Usergroup Rhein-Main
(rails, ruby)
scala Logo of Scala Enthusiasts
Scala Enthusiasts
(scala, java, functional programming)
schnitzelffm Logo of #SchnitzelFFM
(schnitzel, frankfurt)
schnitzelof Logo of #SchnitzelOF
(schnitzel, offenbach)
sem Logo of SEM-Stammtisch-Frankfurt
(sem, seo, sea)
sharepoint Logo of Sharepoint Usergroup Frankfurt
Sharepoint Usergroup Frankfurt
(microsoft, sharepoint)
smffm Logo of Social Media Stammtisch Frankfurt
Social Media Stammtisch Frankfurt
(social media)
softwarearchitecture Logo of Software Architecture Meetup Frankfurt
Software Architecture Meetup Frankfurt
(software architecture, software design)
stugrm Logo of Software Test User Group Rhein Main
Software Test User Group Rhein Main
(software test, testing, software qualitätssicherung)
swkrm Logo of Softwerkskammer Rhein-Main
Softwerkskammer Rhein-Main
(software craftsmanship, clean code, agile)
techettes Logo of Techettes Frankfurt
Techettes Frankfurt
(women, technology)
tex Logo of TeX-Stammtisch Frankfurt
TeX-Stammtisch Frankfurt
(latex, tex)
tpostmtshoff Logo of Typostammtisch Offenbach
Typostammtisch Offenbach
tuxcamp Logo of TuXCamp – Das Linux-BarCamp
TuXCamp – Das Linux-BarCamp
(barcamp, linux, open source)
vaadin Logo of Vaadin Frankfurt
Vaadin Frankfurt
(vaadin, java, gwt)
webgrrls Logo of webgrrls Rhein-Main
webgrrls Rhein-Main
(internet, women)
wemoof Logo of Webmontag Offenbach
Webmontag Offenbach
wikipedia Logo of Wikipedianer Frankfurt
Wikipedianer Frankfurt
(internet, wikipedia)
wmfra Logo of Webmontag Frankfurt
Webmontag Frankfurt
workschoppe Logo of Workschoppe
wpfra Logo of WordPress Meetup Frankfurt
WordPress Meetup Frankfurt
(wordpress, php)
wpugffm Logo of WordPress UserGroup Frankfurt
WordPress UserGroup Frankfurt
(wordpress, php)
xpugffm Logo of XP User Group Frankfurt
XP User Group Frankfurt
(extreme programming, agile)
youtube Logo of YouTube Stammtisch RheinMain
YouTube Stammtisch RheinMain
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